Brad Bishop

Brad’s leadership stems from a focus on providing safe and reliable world-class stevedoring and cargo services to FCT’s customers.  The first 6 months of this operation has seen an improvement in labor, terminal, and vessel efficiencies.   

Brad previously led TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico safety team to achieve 20+ months of 0 missed time and 0 incidents.  In a time where it was rare to hold such a record.  He also was instrumental in leading the organization through the COVID 19 pandemic for over 18 months in which TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico did not miss a single sailing.

Brad’s continued passion for the maritime industry, his knowledge and experience with the unique skills necessary to perform the work, along with his dedication to providing a multi-generational stevedoring and cargo operator committed to safety positions FCT for great performance for years to come.

Brad makes his home in Jacksonville with his wife and children.